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Our Charity of the Year 2017 /18

Our chosen charities for 2017/18 are two that are very special to our Dynamic Kids who chose them, read more to find out what they are, why they were chosen and our community can help them this year.

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2 years ago at aged 12, I went to the Doctor for what we thought was a quick visit, within 20 minutes my life was taking a completely new and terrifying path. My doctor carried out a finger prick blood test and told my mum that I was being immediately admitted into hospital as I was seriously ill. The next few days were a blur of constant tests and learning to live a new life (someone's else life). I weighed just 5 stone at diagnosis and was just hours away from fighting for my life. I count myself as lucky as some children do not diagnosed until they are in DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis). My friends at Dynamix have given me the confidence to hold on to my dreams and not let the Diabetes win. Living with Diabetes means coming to terms with having a lifelong, life threatening condition and I am honoured that Dynamix has chosen JDRF as their charity of the year as they do such amazing work towards finding a cure and helping children like me live a normal life.
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In January 2016 our Grandad had to go into hospital as he had a bad back and could hardly walk. He had a big operation and this meant that he could walk again, which he loved doing. While he was in hospital he found out that he had prostate cancer. We were all really upset but we made sure that Grandad only saw our happy smiling faces when we visited him. When he left hospital he stayed at Holly's house, my cousin and a student at Dynamix like me. We loved seeing him and he quickly began to walk further and further and get stronger. The best bit was that he could play with us again. He loved to watch the dances we learnt at Dynamix and always joined in with the singing. Sadly, he became very ill and we had to say "nun night" to him in January 2017. He wasn't only our brilliant Grandad he was also a great friend. We all miss him all of the time and Dynamix have really helped us , we love it that they are fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK. Written by Millie and Holly.

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